Our Objectives

The primary objective of Asset M.F Ltd is outreach to the poor through the provision of financial services which will have an impact on poverty alleviation. To fulfil this objective EM Ltd allocates better the available resources as well as operates in a sustainable basis.

Asset M.F Ltd as a company and Organisation is based on a philosophy that holds the following to be true:

1. The poor have skills that are not utilized or are underutilized. They lack opportunity much more than ability. Providing access to capital even small sums of money can liberate enough energy and creativity to allow people to work their way toward overcoming poverty.
2. Poverty is not created by the poor, but by policies and institutions that exclude them from opportunity.
3. The Company recognizes that in order to generate income, the poor must be able to build their assets. However, formal banking institutions have denied them access both to small amounts of financing as well as a safe place to save their money.
4. Charity is not a solution to poverty; it creates dependence rather than self-reliance. The Company believes that giving money and goods to poor families perpetuates poverty conditions. It signals that the poor have no ability to provide for themselves.
5. Self-employment is the quickest and easiest way to create employment for the poor. Credit can create self-employment almost instantaneously.
6. Women have the highest incidence of poverty and suffer from its consequences the most, but they also have the most direct impact on their families.

General Objective

The Company Objectives are:
1. To provide business training among youth and women entrepreneurs.
2. To extend banking facilities to the poor men and women in rural areas.
3. To create opportunities for self-employment among the vast number of unemployed people in rural Tanzania.
4. To ensure its members are prospering economically and achieving financial freedom


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